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We offer 30-40 minute alternative healthcare treatments for weight loss and specialize in stubborn belly fat.  Each treatment consists of the following:
Food that you can buy locally, which is not a diet program, will be recommended for your specific body type which is extremely important. If you are an adrenal body type, we certainly do not want to suggest food for you for a thyroid body type. Each patient has to be treated according to their specific body type.
Oxygen Therapy - Good working healthy cells with lots of oxygen release energy, which means they will burn fat efficiently. Cells without enough oxygen to release energy store energy. When cells store energy, they are also storing fat. A cannula is attached to an oxygen tank, so that the patient breathes in pure oxygen for a total of 6 minutes each visit. We also have the patient's body moving while the oxygen is being administered. This is important so that the patient is able to acheive a permanent increase in oxygen.
Laser Treatment - We use a handheld laser to stimulate the adrenal glands. We have the patient lie down face up and we direct the laser over the area where the adrenals are located. This is an important part of treatment because the adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and if they are stressed in any way they produce cortisol, which produces belly fat. The laser causes stimulation of the fat burning hormones so that our patients can start losing weight immediately.
Myotome Correction - We use a non-invasive approach with an arthrostem, over the clothing, to relieve pain along muscle tracks.  Muscular pain causes the adrenals to be more stressed, producing more cortisol, which turns into sugar and ultimately turns into belly fat.
Full Body Vibration - We use a figure eight full body vibration that stimulates all short fiber and long fiber muscle tissues for maximum benefit.
Cerebellum Stimulation - We find many patients that simply cannot lose weight have a misfiring cerebellum either on the left side or right due to some injury such as whiplash, etc.  The non-invasive cerebellum stimulation must be performed so that the hypothalamus can function properly, in turn, so that the pituitary can function properly, so in turn, both the adrenals and thyroid can function properly so that permanent weight loss can be attained.
Adrenal Stress Release - With the adrenal stress release we have to activate the acupuncture points (without needles) to stimulate the adrenals to inhibit fat storing hormones and stimulate fat burning hormones.
Zerona Laser - The cold laser technology of the Zerona Laser releases the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact. After the fat cells release their contents, those contents move through the lymph system and dissolve. The Zerona Laser is proven to be an effective non-invasive and body contouring procedure. On average, patients lose 3.64 inches from the circumference of their waist, hips and thighs in less than a month.
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